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About us is a full servicedevelopment firm. We specialize in providing all sized companieswith an effective technical presence.

By combining our products and services , reliable powerfulmodules geared to bring a greater ROI and time to market.Using the Internet to deploy our solutions and custom applicationdevelopments have advanced companies ability to act and react.We have the skills and talent to manage large andsmall scale developments on time and on budget. designs, develops andimplements mission critical information systems to a broad crosssection of leading industries. With our core strengths centeredon our Internet technologies, major cutting edge systems anddevice software are one reason to choose PriorityDigital as youre-commerce partner. Another reason is our one million + linerapid applications library.

We have software systems that will react based on the weather.

Sophisticated technology is only one of the many services offeredby Networks operates oursecure hosted data center. This was acquired
with our purchase of in 1999.

What's next?Additional progress has been madewith the companies health care products. Our paperless medicalrecords and systems are cutting edge products designed to eliminate the cost and complexities of a paper based workflowprocess. Health care specialty products are designed to alloworganizations to comply with up and coming HIPAA guidelines and regulations.

New expansions into the XML data space have brought the RUPUserver some recent focus, and great attention by leading minds inthe XML space.

Look for more great things to come.



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