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Back Back Home Home added to Inter@ctive weeks 500 was named to the Inter@tive weeks 500 on 11/2001.

"We express our great appreciation to ZiffDavis and the entire Inter@ctive Week staff."

The Staff

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See us , we are number (406).  
  CEO Comments:

I think this marks a new era for our company. By making the list we have gained renewed dedication to our commitments to bringing down the cost of IT projects.

All of our modules and programs were written to take advantage of many cost saving factors. With the current main focus returning to R.O.I. metrics, we are clearly in high demand. We have added staff and will continue to be selective in the new projects we accept.

As always we will continue our dedication to you our customers, with an increase in our development of low cost rapid deployment systems across your diverse needs.

Michael Mac Beane



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